The Overstimulated Journey

It’s been three months since the crowdfund that changed my life.

Today - I’m happy to share that Overstimulated is live for the world to enjoy.

We’re celebrating the launch of the EP with a special airdrop to collectors and contributors - putting $OVERSTIM tokens into the hands of those who made this whole journey possible.

If you’ve collected any of the NFTs from Overstimulated (detailed below) head over to to claim your $OVERSTIM!

Overstimulated has been an incredible learning experience. While so much has happened - I truly feel like we’re still on the cusp of a new wave of independent artistry.

Here’s why.

The Overstimulated Journey

The crowdfund launched on September 27, 2021.

After hitting the hard cap of 50 ETH in 12 hours, I was overwhelmed.

I had 200 followers on Twitter. I had joined a few DAOs, and sold a few Music NFTs.

I was excited about web3, but still learning.

It wasn’t until Overstimulated that I really felt what running a community was all about.

“Say What You Want” came out on October 21st.
“Feel Like That” soon followed on November 7th.
“Too Close” released on December 3rd.

As of today, the whole project is live for your listening pleasure.

Alongside the traditional rollout on Spotify, Instagram, etc. - Overstimulated was paired with a variety of Music NFTs to seed the $OVERSTIM Treasury.

As a quick refresher, Overstimulated was launched with the promise of 50% of my artist share of the master royalties going back to the DAO treasury.

In addition, I also allocated a percentage of all my on-chain sales back to the treasury.

Here’s how.


Before $OVERSTIM, I sold 7 tracks on Catalog for 3.79 ETH.

Since then, I’ve done 21.76 ETH in sales across 19 records.

This includes collectors like BlockchainBrett, Itzer, and Ethsquiat.


After the first single, I went to the desert and reimagined it 24 separate times.

The “Say What You Want Butterflies” did 1.4 ETH in sales.

This was followed by generative art for “Feel Like That” which generated 0.3 ETH of sales.

TIME Article

On November 29th, I got a full page in TIME to showcase some of my work at the intersection of music and Web3.

The article talked about my Overstimulated Journey and some of my Catalog sales.

Music NFT Showcase

During NFTNYC, I debuted my live show in New York at the Gansevoort, sharing the stage with web3 legends like Verite, Latasha, and Matt Chaim.


In December I became the third genesis artist on, selling my record “Too Close” in under 10 seconds for 2.5 ETH.

Since then, I’ve doubled the primary market sales on the secondary market.

Good Karma Showcase

To end the year, I played my first live set in LA and made IRL fans in partnership with Good Karma Records - a web3 Label DAO.

Catalog Singles

During the last week of 2021, I sold 3 singles off Overstimulated for 5.4 ETH.

They were collected by DeezDAO, Coopahtroopa and Spinz808.

Sound Premier

Last but not least, I debuted Overstimulated on Sound.

We sold 100 NFTs for 10 ETH - and we did it in under a minute.

Talk about a Listening Party!


With Overstimulated going live, it’s time to give $OVERSTIM to those who have been a part of the journey.

Since the crowdfund, no new tokens have been distributed.

Today - that changes.

The contract address for $OVERSTIM is 0x18f623e397EF28F1A5a094840f7F6f5587828b94.

If you were a collector of any of the above-mentioned NFTs, head over to to claim $OVERSTIM.

10,000 $OVERSTIM (or 10% of the total supply) is being distributed to the following collectors:

100 $OVERSTIM to Catalog collectors of:

50 $OVERSTIM to OpenSea collectors of:

50 $OVERSTIM to all “Too Close” Sound collectors and 500 $OVERSTIM to the winner of the Golden Egg.

500 $OVERSTIM to Catalog collectors of Overstimulated singles:

50 $OVERSTIM to all “Overstimulated” Sound collectors and 500 $OVERSTIM to the winner of the Golden Egg.

To claim $OVERSTIM, head to and connect your wallet.

Once connected, you should see a prompt to claim.

Here you’ll be directed to a leaderboard that shows the top $OVERSTIM holders and a claim box for your tokens.

See your rank on the leaderboard
See your rank on the leaderboard

Press claim, submit a transaction and boom - you’ve earned your $OVERSTIM airdrop!

Once you’ve claimed, join the Discord and sync your wallet with CollabLand to access the $OVERSTIM channels.

Keep a close eye on the Overstimulated Snapshot as we’ll have a number of governance proposals rolling out in the coming weeks!

DAO Expenses & Income

Since the launch of Overstimulated, the DAO has done:

13.43 ETH of Incoming Transactions
11.16 ETH of Outgoing Transactions

$OVERSTIM holders will govern how to manage the remaining ETH held in the treasury.

If you’re interested in making a proposal for funding to help expand the reach of Overstimulated, please reach out to Henry Chatfield.

What’s Next

Over the next few weeks, we’ve got a number of campaigns planned to keep the ball rolling.

  • Foundation - A collection of the canvas artworks work for all Overstimulated singles
  • Glass - A collectible music video from Overstimulated
  • Bucket Hats - Physical merchandise handsewn by me with love.

This is in addition to my first ever headline show - live in Los Angeles on January 13th.

I’ll be joined by a suite of incredible web3 artists, with free entry for all $OVERSTIM holders (more details to come).

Tying it all together, Overstimulated has been an absolute rollercoaster.

I hope that Overstimulated can give a new generation of independent artists the belief and tools necessary to create their own destiny.

It’s an always evolving process, but you’ll always be at the helm.

To the $OVERSTIM community, I wouldn’t be here without you.

This is just the beginning, but for now - let’s celebrate!

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