I’ve been releasing music under Daniel Allan for a little over four years now, with more than half of that having been onchain.

One of my biggest pain points has always been honing in on a certain genre or sound. 

That’s why my next EP “Duality” is a full electronic project.

We’re releasing a Duality Pass to give collectors one edition of each of the songs with some special bonuses along the way.

Collect the Duality Pass for 0.05 ETH on danielallan.xyz/duality

Introducing Duality

Duality is 8 tracks (one of which has already been released onchain), and heavily inspired by the history of dance music and the lens through which I’ve experienced it since I was a kid.

One of my earliest memories with electronic music was discovering Armin Van Buuren’s “A State of Trance” radio show on my brother’s iPod Classic. I went to a lot of music festivals in high school and fell in love with Flume and a bunch of other half time music. Then I moved to LA and got into pop music and songwriting. As a producer I’ve had a lot of musical interests.

Over the years I realized that projects are a good way to be sonically coherent - they let me focus on a certain taste for a set period of time. “Glass House” was alternative, whereas “Criteria” with Reo Cragun was a rap/pop leaning project. 

But now that I’m starting to play more shows and festivals I’m coming to realize that I need to be more specific in the music I make and who I intend to reach with it. And while Glass House and Criteria definitely had electronic underpinnings, they were still very driven by an overall tone that was outside of dance music.

It features artists who have been releasing onchain, as well as some new faces that deserve recognition. 

The project will be released over the course of the next 3 months - with the last song coming out in November.

How It Works

Duality will use the ERC6551 standard to represent the full project onchain.

When you purchase a Duality Pass you receive an NFT that becomes a “wallet” - a convenient way to store all of the songs in one place.

As each song releases on Sound, pass holders will be airdropped their tokens. The rest of the supply will be available to purchase as a limited collection at a slight premium.

The thought process here is similar to buying an album on iTunes: you can buy each song individually, but you get a better deal if you buy the whole album.

There are 200 Duality Passes available at 0.05 ETH - good for 7 unreleased Daniel Allan songs and some goodies along the way. 

When each of the songs drops on release day, there will be 50 editions sold on Sound for 0.01 ETH.

Only Onchain

Releasing music onchain gives you more leverage to put music out faster.

That’s why for every song that comes out, I will also be releasing an exclusive VIP version.

The VIPs will be totally reimagined remixes available as an open edition for 0.001 ETH on the **Family Affair Sound Account. **

By doing this, I’m able to offer a ~$1 crate-digging option for people looking to get into my ecosystem that aren’t able to get involved via a $20 limited edition or a $100 album pass.

Selfishly I also have the flexibility to be more creative musically by trying out different versions of a song. If a song leans prettier, the alternate version will lean heavier and more electronic and vice versa.

Release Cadence

One of the most exciting aspects of Duality is that each song will come out on DSPs the same day that is drops onchain.

Releasing onchain verses on DSPs are very different and both valuable in their own right.

Releasing onchain is liberating - you can put out a song the day you make it, and get paid for your work. But the audience is not nearly as big as a Spotify or Apple Music (yet). 

Releasing on DSPs takes a while - but it’s where most fans find their music. You need to give yourself a buffer of 2-3 weeks to hit release radar (the function that notifies your followers on Spotify that a song is dropping) and to be able to pitch to editorial playlists. This process takes significantly longer if you are signed with a major distributor as they use other data (like if the song is moving on TikTok or Reels) to decide if a song is even going to come out.

As a result of my raise surrounding Daniel Allan Ent. I’m uniquely positioned to be able to release music faster while still owning the rights to it. My company can pay for the marketing efforts to give the music a better shot at getting noticed.

Mint Details

The Duality Pass mints on July 20th on danielalllan.xyz/duality.

The first song comes out on July 28th followed by a release every two weeks.

Get Involved

Duality is a project meant to showcase the two sides of me both sonically and onchain.

To stay up with the latest, join the DA & Family Affair collector chats.

Welcome to Duality.

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